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welcome baby armys!

i understand that the beginning of stanning bts can be quite overwhelming, so here’s a guide from a fellow army that i hope will make the process a little less stressful!

on that note though, dont stress, many armys love to help baby armys and are typically very welcoming, so if you ever are stressed, dont be afraid to ask questions, and dont worry, there is a lot, but you dont have to watch all of the content right away. have fun!

made by @cIovergyu
i havent updated this in a while so if anything is wrong or missing feel free to dm me :p

✩‧₊:・masterlist ・:₊‧✩

✩‧₊:・kpop vocabulary ・:₊‧✩

the kpop industry can be slightly different from other international music industries. it can really feel like learning a new language, so here are some words i wish i knew when starting to get into the kpop world.

☆ bias:
your favorite member of the band

☆ bias wrecker:
essentially your “cheat lane” or a member that makes you reconsider your bias hundreds of times

☆ age line:
refers to idols born the same year. i.e: jimin and v are often referred to as the ‘95 liners because they were both born then.

☆ daesang:
a daesang is the highest award an idol can receive. they’re usually in categories such as album, song, or artist of the year and focus on sales.

☆ anti:
shortened from anti-fan, it sounds exactly as it is, someone who hates a particular celebrity or member of the band.

☆ fan chant:
words shouted by fans during performances. they usually include naming all the members of a group during the intro to their song, and then repeating specific words or lines throughout. if ever considering going to a concert, you should learn the fan chants, it makes it even more enjoyable.

one of the biggest bts fanchants that is often yelled by fans at different tempos during different songs goes like this: ‘kim namjoon! kim seokjin! min yoongi! jung hoseok! park jimin! kim taehyung! jeon jeongguk! bts!’

☆ idol:
an idol is a kpop star. they might be a solo artist or part of a group, but generally speaking they're performers who've spent time in training before debuting through an entertainment agency.

☆ hwaiting:
also translated to "fighting" it's a phrase of support, cheering someone on.

☆ maknae:
an idol group's youngest member. a golden maknae - the youngest member who is impressively multitalented despite their young age.
jungkook is the golden maknae of bts and jimin, v, and jungkook make the maknae line.

☆ sub-unit:
this is a smaller kpop group within a big idol group. it gives specific members a chance to showcase certain talents or to try different genres of music.
in bts, the general sub-units are the rap line (rm, suga, and j-hope), the vocal line (jin, jimin, v, and jungkook), and the dance line (j-hope, jimin, jungkook, and v)

☆ trainee:
before idols become idols, they're trainees. entertainment companies scout for talent or visuals and then train their recruits to be picture-perfect pop stars. the programs are rigorous and intense, and some idols train for several years before being placed in a group.

☆ aegyo:
this essentially means super cuteness. idols often get asked to showcase their 'aegyo' on variety and talk shows, and it's usually a face, action, or hand gesture

‘big brother’ how younger members refer to their older members.

☆ sasaeng:
this word is usually followed by fan as in "sasaeng fan," or super obsessed fans who go over the top in expressing their love for their favorite idols, including invading privacy. this is not someone you want to be.

☆ visual:
by definition , the most handsome or beautiful member of a group
kim seokjin is the official visual of bts (you’ll often hear him or other members referring to him as worldwide handsome)

☆ ult:
if stanning multiple kpop groups, your ult or ultimate is your favorite member of all the groups in total. your ult group is your favorite group.

☆ semi-ult:
as you probably guessed, this is your next favorites.

☆ selca:
a selfie, simple as that

☆ comeback:
when a group releases new music, it is called a comeback, or comeback season, a new era, it often contains multiple steps including teaser pictures, pre- album single releases, etc

✩‧₊:・comeback goals! ・:₊‧✩

streaming, breaking records, etc are very important to the army in order to give bts the recognition they deserve. these cards go in-depth on how to stream, where to stream, and streaming goals for this comeback season

dynamite out august 21st!!

✩‧₊:・discography ・:₊‧✩

bts have released several studio albums, mini albums, compilation albums, single albums, a soundtrack album, and several digital singles. i know, a lot, but all deserve a listen, they are each unique and surely you'll find something you like. this is just a basic overview, you can listen however you’d like, by album, or even find a discography playlist on your streaming platform.


1st single album: 2 Cool 4 Skool
1st mini album: O!RUL8,2?


2nd mini album: Skool Luv Affair
1st full length album: Dark & Wild
1st japanese album: Wake Up


3rd mini album: The Most Beautiful Moment In Life pt. 1
4th mini album: The Most Beautiful Moment In Life pt. 2


1st special/compilation album: The Most Beautiful Moment In Life: Young Forever
2nd japanese album: Youth
2nd full length album: Wings


2nd special/compilation album: You Never Walk Alone
5th mini album: Love Yourself 承 'Her'


3rd japanese albm: Face Yourself
3rd full length album: Love Yourself 轉 'Tear'
3rd special/compilation album: Love Yourself 結 'Answer'


6th mini album: Map Of The Soul: Persona
1st soundtrack album: BTS World: Original Soundtrack


4th full length album: Map Of The Soul: 7
4th japanese album: Map Of The Soul: 7 The Journey


you can find more solo mixtapes, singles, remixes, and collaborations on your streaming platform! see members to learn more about individual works.

✩‧₊:・history summary ・:₊‧✩

✩ bts (hangul: 방탄소년단; bangtan sonyeondan), also known as the bangtan boys, is a seven-member south korean boy band formed in seoul in 2013.

✩ initially rooted in hip hop, bts' musical style has evolved to include a wide range of genres. their lyrics, often focused on personal and social commentary, touch on the themes of mental health, troubles of school-age youth, loss, the journey towards loving oneself, and individualism. their work features references to literature and psychological concepts and includes an alternative universe storyline.

✩ they were supposed to debut as a hip hop group, but changed to an idol group. they were looked down upon by other rappers, who said that they will never make it and that they aren't real rappers. throughout the years, bts has proven themselves as real artists to those who had doubts before.

✩ the group initially formed as teenagers under big hit entertainment and released their debut single album, 2 Cool 4 Skool (2013).

✩ by 2017, bts crossed into the international music market, leading the korean wave into the united states and breaking numerous sales records.

✩ if you'd like to go more in depth into their history, i suggest finding a fan wiki or another source.